Using the PolisPay App

Yesterday I posted about my PolisPay purchase. Here’s the beta app experience leading up to that transaction, using the 64 bit version of the wallet on a Windows 10 machine:

The summary view shows your PolisPay Card with your name, masked account number, and USD equivalent value of currency on the card.

In card options you can deactivate the card or very easily change the PIN – a lovely feature that contrasts with the hoops you typically have to jump through to update your PIN on mainstream cards.

If you click “Deposit to Card” it’ll show you the wallets you have on the app and the amount that you can transfer to the card.

The interface for selecting the amount you move is clean and simple.
You confirm the payment on this screen. The masked “To” line shows the card-linked wallet address that the coins are being transferred to.

Once you submit, the payment pends for a moment as the coins transfer.

Now the card has funds on it and it is ready for use. Note that the USD conversion is a little off between screens, likely due to the volatility of the price of Polis.

Off to spend my Polis!


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