Winter Has Come

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The Crimes of Grindelwald

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First BTC ETF Announced

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Polis Goes To Utah

I had a trip to Utah and took Polis with me. It was a good test of it’s functionality across state borders. Final approach to Salt Lake City International Airport: First Polis got me a car: (In this case a rental, but perhaps some day I’ll purchase an actual car with Polis.) Utah is a…

The Crypto-Enthusiast Guide To The 2018 United States Senate Elections

Voters focused on women’s health can check Planned Parenthood’s Congressional scorecard to get a sense of where candidates stand on issues important to them. The NRA has a similar ranking for gun issues, and FreedomWorks has one for tax cuts. These services help bring key issues to the attention of politicians and over time help…

Where Does The Polis Go? An Investigation

We’re not in a world (yet?) where merchants are willing to accept Polis in exchange for goods. At some point the Polis will be converted to fiat. How does it happen? The developers haven’t been fully clear about this. This makes sense – I’m part of a beta, things will likely change. There may also…